How to drive a car well

Driving a car

Today I bring you a curious video for learning to drive a car wellStay tuned because it's quite educational and fun.

Now don't complain if they take away your licence points, you know what you're doing. do's and don'tshehe.

4 thoughts on “Como conducir bien un coche”

  1. Hello "negri" I totally agree with you on the issue of the cleanliness of the Arabs, but not on the issue of road safety education, in Arab countries the local agents don't give a damn about the death of drivers, they only care about stopping cars to collect fines or bribes.

    1. Sorry?
      In Muslim and Arab countries, a life is a life, and although there are cities that are somewhat chaotic in terms of traffic, such as some in Morocco, you will see that the accident rate is minimal... there must be a reason for this.

  2. the video is quite confusing, the correct manoeuvres are not clear.
    Please, when you get to the spot where to throw the rubbish, DO NOT PLAY ARAB MUSIC. Arabs are generally quite clean and if there are exceptions, they do not confirm the rule, and when they come to Spain, they come from countries with a much better road safety education than ours.

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