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More on earning money: Ziddu | Twync | EsFácil logo

In this second installment of the series how to make money on the Internet, I present, a website that allows us to earn money just for surfing the Internet, yes, yes, we simply have to be viewing the pages that indicate us for a few seconds and we will accumulate earnings. More specifically, will be € 0.01 for each visit you make, and € 0.01 for each visit that make a referral of yours, so we can reach the same conclusion that we leave on the web:

Example earnings:

"You click on 10 ads per day = $ 0,10

"20 of your referrals click on 10 ads per day = $ 2.00

"Your daily income = $ 2,10

"Your weekly income = $ 14.70

"Your monthly income = $ 63.00

"Your annual income = $ 756.00

As you can see, it is quite easy to make some extra money with this website, and you know, the more referrals you get, the more money you will earn through them. So nothing, I encourage you to try it and see if you have luck with this new system that I offer you.

More on earning money: Ziddu | Twync | EsFácil

3 thoughts on “Como ganar dinero en Internet 2 (”

  1. Alberto Navarro

    Hi there, how is it working, of course it works, but as you will see it is very slow to get, it is something not to be taken very seriously, and it is in its infancy, so do not expect 200 ads, because there will be a few more.

    1. s works but at the beginning it is very slow and you invest a lot of time and you gain very little but the more time you spend the more you gain but you always end up leaving it like this.

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