How to fill in a traffic report

One thing that everyone should know when out on the road is how to fill out an accident report and what to do in case of an accident. In today's article we will explain  the parts of an insurance report and the best process for completing it.

How to fill in a traffic report

In the event of an accident on the road, the first thing we must do first of all is to an assessment of the situation and the correct marking of the accident. Once we are sure that there is only material damage and no injuries, we will proceed to fill in the accident report.

The report can be made by telephone (by calling the insurance company) or on paper, however, here we will only explain the paper reports as they are the most common and the telephone report guides us at all times.

A paper report consists of a series of sections in which the insurer is informed of all the details of the accident.. One thing we must not forget is that an accident report is not filled out completely at the place of the accident, but must be completed at home. Only the most important information that we do not already have, such as the details of the other drivers, should be filled in at the scene of the accident.

The sections to be completed at the accident site are as follows:

Paragraph 5Witnesses.

Paragraphs 6 and 8Copying data from insurance policies.

Paragraph 9Driving licence details.

Paragraph 10Details of the place of the accident (road, kilometre,...).

Paragraph 12Circumstances of the accident.

Paragraph 13Very simple sketch of the accident.

Drivers' signatures.

Once in our house we must finish filling in all missing sections and contact our insurer so that they can inform us of the quickest way to send them our report. If at any time we have any doubts about the details of the other drivers, we will have their details available in the data we collected on the road.

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