How to find a cheap flight

At this time of the year, many people are thinking about travelling to tourist areas to enjoy a well-deserved rest. When it comes to organising everything, the first thing we ask ourselves is: What means of transport should we use? The plane can be a very good option if we can get tickets at good prices. Today we bring you some tips on how to travel by plane at the best price..

How to find a cheap flight

First of all, a good option may be to search for last minute tickets. Normally the seats on the planes are not fully occupied and the companies launch very cheap flight offers to fill these vacancies.

We can also choose to travel on low cost airlines. These companies rely on offering very cheap flights in exchange for high travel restrictions. For example, they can restrict the weight of our luggage, forcing us to pay a significant amount for each extra weight. Due to these strict rules, this type of flight is a good method of travel for short trips where we do not need to move a lot of things.

Another way to get cheaper travel is through discounts. For example, if you are a university student, you can probably get information from your school to get a considerable discount. Normally youth centres usually have organised trips at low cost. We can also find discounts depending on the season we are in. For example, during spring there are often special offers for the summer holidays.

As you can see, all the tricks are based on shop around and compare offers between the different companies. Remember that you can ask any questions you may have on our forum.

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  1. Hello, regarding this subject, I always wondered if you can stand up directly at the airport with your suitcase and get a last minute cheap offer right there? Is it very common? Some advice

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