How to find content for your blog with Google Alerts.

The Google alerts are a free service that, although offered as Beta for years, is very useful if we want to keep up to date and monitor certain content on the Internet. We can track certain news or products that we comment on our blog, check if they talk about us, or follow the news and developments of the competition.


To configure an alert, the following elements must be defined:

  • Terms (search terms). These are words (e.g. ministry of housing), proper names (e.g. Barack Obama), brand names (e.g. Twitter, Coca-Cola, etc.) or urls for which we want to be notified when content with these terms is published on the Internet.
  • Type. Indicates the source where the terms will be searched:
    • News. Terms will be searched for in Google News.
    • Websites. The terms will be searched for in Google Web (Google standard).
    • Groups. The terms to be searched for are Google Groups.
    • Comprehensive. Search for terms in all possible sources.
  • Frequency. Periodicity with which we wish to receive notifications. It can be when it occurs, once a day o once a week.
  • Destination notification (send to). We can choose between a Gmail email address or RSS. The RSS option is very practical as we can manage the information received more easily. If we opt for e-mail, then the mailbox will fill up, making it more difficult to extract the information we are interested in.

Service in English, Google Alerts allows for the field Type select two additional options: Blogs y Video.

On the other hand, we can manage our web alerts in a comfortable way.

The most remarkable thing about the service is the enormous simplicity of use, in a single window we configure the parameters of our alert and we click on Create alert.

By Luis Alfonso (from Merkatia).

5 thoughts on “Como encontrar contenidos para tu blog con las alertas de Google.”

  1. I use it for two terms... internet and Wordppress and sometimes it gives some "shocking" results like only offering Wordpress news daily from one blog... (is the author in cahoots with Google?) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Alberto Navarro

    The truth is that there are so many ways to find content for our blogs that we often overlook them and don't even realise the potential they can have.


  3. Very good post, and if it is true, it is a good way to keep abreast of developments in the topic for which we create the alert.
    Another service that I like a lot and allows you to do the same is Twingly, a search engine that specialises in indexing blog and microblogging content.

  4. I had heard about this service a long time ago but never looked into how useful it can be, thanks for the tip ;).

  5. Earning money

    It seems so simple, so easy, so cheap, that I don't know why it never occurred to me.
    Thank you very much for the contribution
    I will certainly be using it, not only on my blog but also on my static websites.

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