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The economic crisis has drastically reduced job opportunities. That is why we are launching a series of three instalments to help you to finding a job. Today we start with some tips for finding temporary employment.

The temporary employment is usually the most precarious, although this is not always the case. Moreover, sometimes it is the job we are looking for and need: either because we are studying and want to earn an income during the Christmas holidays, in summer or at weekends, or because we have a stable job but would like to earn an extra salary with a job that we are looking for. sporadic and occasional employment.

For find temporary workIf you are looking for a job, it is best to go to a company dedicated to this, i.e. the so-called ETTs (Temporary Employment Agencies). You can go directly to one of these companies to hand in your CV, or you can also send it via the Internet through their websites. Some important ETTs are: RandstadAdecco, Manpower and Cenpla. On their websites we can search by location and sector; it is also possible to find permanent contracts.

However, in this day and age, we should not expect that finding a job is as easy as leaving your CV with a temporary employment agency and then lying on the sofa. The best thing to do is to regularly check for new job offers as they become available.

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As a word of caution or advice, I would point out that one of the most important temporary jobs that are always on offer, regardless of the time of year, is that of membership recruiters. The disadvantage of this type of job is that it does not offer a fixed salary, but is based on commissions. They tend to recruit members for NGOs, and this supposed spirit of solidarity is often taken advantage of by the companies that hire the recruiters, promising high incomes (they have nothing to do with NGOs, they are mere intermediaries and simple companies, which, as such, are only looking for profits).

Another very good alternative for those who have some days off is to go to Azafatas y promotoras. Despite what the name of this website might suggest, it is aimed at both women and men. In this space it is possible to find very occasional jobs There are some very fun jobs, such as going to the cinema to see a film and making a report on the attendance. Some companies even register you with the Social Security (even if you only work one day). It is worth saying that Azafatas y promotoras is an intermediary between people and companies that job vacanciesSo you can go directly to the website of these companies. For example, one that is constantly updated JOB OFFERS and sends them to your personal email address is Global Field Marketing.

Finally, my last recommendation is to look for temporary employment in person. Folder in hand overflowing with CVs and visit one by one all those establishments that we can think of that may need employees for a specific period of time. In coastal areas, the hospitality industry is the queen of this type of work (fast food chains; bars, cafes and restaurants...), although they also tend to hire people in other establishments taking advantage of the holidays of permanent employees in supermarkets, clothing shops and even in professional places such as hospitals or the media.

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If you have any comments to make about this or want to share your experiences at temporary jobsDon't forget to visit the forum.

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