Special: How to look for a job (III): competitive examinations

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After studying and training, it is time to face immersion in the world of work. We can opt for private companies or public companies. If we choose the latter, we must oppose. Today we offer you a list of websites where you can find places that can be obtained through competitive examinations.

Papers for the competitive examinations.

Opositar means to take a selective test where we demonstrate that we are qualified for the job. work we have to perform among a number of applicants. The rules established in the official announcements govern how to obtain a place. Education has been democratised and neither vocational training nor university is only for the elite. This means that there is more equality of opportunity but also more people with the same qualifications. Studying does not end once you have finished your education. Especially if we want to oppose. It is now that the hard study begins.

The first question is: How can I find out about new vacancies? There are a number of websites that update the vacancies for public employment that are coming out all over Spain: Editorial MAD (where you can download a free guide to prepare for competitive examinations for teachers), Opositor, Oposiciones y Becas or Oposición-primaria (oriented especially to the field of school education, be it English, infant, physical education, etc.). One of the best options is to consult directly the Official State Bulletin (BOE) to check for new vacancies in the following areas government jobs that have arisen, as well as in the institutions of the different regional governments.

The second question is: How do I prepare for the oppositions? This is the main challenge for the candidate, as it is no mean feat. Many of the websites mentioned above offer the possibility of taking online courses. Other examples are Oppositions (where you will find manuals, syllabuses and tests) or Aula Internet.

Civil service exam.

An interesting option is to consider seeking public employment in the European Union. For this purpose, there is an interesting portal (EURES) where you will find all the information you need.

If you plan to apply for oppositions or you have already applied for one and want to share tips with us, you can come to the forum.

Good luck!

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  1. 2012 civil service examinations

    Very good input. Although preparing for a public competition is not an easy task, it is really worth the effort. In these troubled times, public employment is one of the few job alternatives that can ensure stability as well as a very good salary and countless social benefits.

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