How to flash an Android phone

Android is a linux-based operating system developed by Google that is currently found on most touchscreen mobiles. The main characteristic of this small system is the freedom it offers the user to perform any task. It works in a very similar way to a normal computer (it allows you to play thousands of games, watch videos on the Internet, access your email, etc.). In today's article we will explain how to flash your Android phones and thus further extend its features.

How to flash Android

In order to flash our terminal we will use an application called ROM Manager whose free version is available in the Android Market. You can access it by clicking on the following QR code.

ROM Manager QR Code

The first step is to change your phone's recovery for this application (ClockworkMod). To do this, go to ROM Manager and from their options we choose Flashing ClockworkMod Recovery. Now a menu will appear in which we have to choose our mobile model. After a short wait, the recovery will be installed.

Flash recovery

The next step is the flashing, but first of all we will introduce the ROM that we want to install in the root of the SD card and change its name to It is important to make sure that the ROM is compatible with our mobile phone model, otherwise we can cause a blockage in the flashing.

Once this is done, we select in ROM Manager the option of Restart in Recovery mode. Our mobile will restart and enter the recovery menu. In it we select the options in which appears the word wipe. At this point we will be formatting all the data on our mobile. It is advisable to make a backup of the data you are interested in because it will be deleted.

Finally we will start the flashing by means of the option apply After about 15 minutes our phone will reboot and we will have our new Android available.

Flash Android from recovery

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  1. I want to flash another terminal that I have that is locked but the recovery stop won't let me what can I do to introduce what I need to the terminal blown by bootloader.

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