How to get into the disco cheaper

Discotheques are one of the places that attract the most people at night. The good music and the good vibes that usually inhabit them make them the perfect place to have fun and dance a little bit. In today's article we will give you some tips for those who want to save a little money on the entrance fee.

How to get into the disco cheaper

Clubs usually set a general entrance fee that depends mainly on the time you want to enter and the number of people in the club.. The later it gets, the more people there will be and the more expensive it will be to get in. Some clubs even allow free entry in the early opening hours.

This also applies to special parties such as New Year's Eve or Christmas. The entrance fee for these nights is quite high, however, if you buy your ticket well in advance you can save between 15 and 20 euros.

In addition to the general admission tickets there are special tickets with which we will obtain some privileges. The most frequent special entries are:

Entry with FlyerNormally outside the discotheques you will find representatives of the discotheque promoting the establishment and offering you a discount. These people called public relations provide us with Flyers which, when handed in at the discotheque, allow us to get in at a lower price or with some extra benefits. Flyers can also be obtained on the Internet on the discotheques' websites.

Entry by ListVIP ticket: This is a kind of VIP ticket with which in many cases you can get in without waiting in line and at a reduced or free price. The benefits they grant depend a lot on the club you want to enter. Normally, to gain access to a discotheque by list, you must know someone in the discotheque or be a regular customer.

There is a website called Free Discotheques which offers its visitors the possibility to add themselves to the list of clubs in Madrid and Barcelona or to print their Flyers.

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  1. mr. professional

    much easier, go in with 3 friends, 3 women... and I assure you that they won't charge you a single half.

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