How to find your way around: in the city (I)

Surely we have all felt lost at some point. Visiting a new city, in the countryside or in the mountains... some people take it philosophically, but others get overwhelmed when they can't find their way around. To avoid bad experiences, take note of these useful tips. Today we will talk about how to find your way around a new city.


First of all, a useful tip to always keep in mind: knowing the cardinal points. It is essential to situate ourselves. In theory we all know orientarnos according to the sun because it lies in the popular imagination, but it never hurts to remember these basic notions: east is the point where the sun rises, and west is the place where it sets. Therefore, if we face the sun at midday, the shadow we cast will indicate north.

If we visit a NEW TOWNlook at the streets. We don't usually do it, but it is useful to get to know the city better (haven't you ever come back from a trip and a friend asks you if you have been in "such and such a street" and you know what to say?), as the name of the streets gives us the feeling of knowing the place better, and at the same time, it gives us more security.

If we get lost in a cityCities are often not designed for pedestrians, yet they are often designed for pedestrians, and yet they are often designed for pedestrians. guide well to cars. For this reason, look at the signs that point out the street addresses for vehicles. It is also useful to look at the signs on national roads or motorways, which tell you where other provincial capitals or towns are. This information is very interesting to know which way is north and which way is south. You can also consult transport stops, which usually have maps.

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Coastal cities offer us a great help: the sea. Their streets usually end at the sea, in one way or another, and it is not usually difficult to find your way around. Using the sea as a guide we can orient ourselves.

Finally, the most practical advice. In the countryside it is more difficult to meet someone, but this is not the case in the city. So if you don't find yourself, ask anyone or in any establishment.

If you have any questions or want to share some advice, feel free to drop by the forum.

3 thoughts on “Cómo orientarse: en la ciudad (I)”

  1. yuber rendon

    hola si yo yo tengo muchos problemas de orientacion no se me pierdo en un instante por mucho quie quiee ande en la ciudad se lo leer pero ni asi lño consigo l veces pienso que hasta el miedo me agovia me dan miedo las ciudades necesito un curso

  2. Hello, how do I identify the north, south, east and west of a street or avenue?
    for example, when they say head east on Avenida Alcala de Henares.

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