How to keep our photos well organised

Photography is an activity that is becoming more and more sophisticated and is gradually gaining in importance. Something very important in photography is to have good organisation techniques to keep all our photos in order. In this article we offer you some organisational ideas.

How to keep our photos well organised

Although the use of digital cameras is becoming more and more common, paper photographs are still very popular because of their high quality. When it comes to arranging photographs on paper, it is often very useful to use traditional albums that allow you to stick the photos in the album.. In addition to using this system, it is advisable to add an annotation (date, phrase, name,...) after each photo that identifies it in case it becomes detached from the album.

As we have said before, the world of photography tends to become more and more digital as the functions of retouching and editing images become easier. This great importance of digital media in photography means that new software related to the organisation of photos is appearing on a daily basis. Here is a list of some of them we present the simplest and most useful ones.

Organisation by foldersThis is the simplest way. It consists of sorting the photographs by folders that identify each group of photographs we have.

PicasaFamous Google service that allows you to sort your photos and images in a very simple way. It is one of the best options as it allows us to have an online backup of each photo so that if they are deleted from the memory card we can recover them.

XnView: Programme that allows the organisation of our photographs on the hard disk, offering us a complete visualisation system for each photo.

Social mediaThe Internet is becoming a more and more social medium, which gives a lot of importance to Social Networking. These services can be a perfect system to back up our images on the Internet.

One thing we always have to bear in mind in the digital environment is that it is very important to backing up our data with multiple copies on different devices so that if one fails we have a copy elsewhere.

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