How to get out of a sinking car.

Sinking car

As everyone will have experienced, falling down with a car over a cliff, pier or other into a large body of water is very common. So with this video and its six stages, you will be able to know perfectly how to get out of a car sinking without "too many complications", here is a mini-translation of the stages:

1.- Take off your seatbelt, open the locks and the windows.

2.- If you can't open the windows, break them with whatever you can get your hands on.

3.- Take off your shoes and trousers to be more comfortable.

4.- Get out of the car.

5.- If you cannot open the windows, wait until the car is completely submerged so that you can open the doors.

6.- If you are completely submerged, get out of the car, blow air, and follow the direction of the bubbles to reach the surface.

Now, the most important thing is to remember all of this while you are sinking with your carNothing difficult, come on. This reminded me of the scene in Transporter 3 where the car sinks into the lake, I have not found the video, if any of you find it leave it here and so we see another way to escape from a car, greetings.

5 thoughts on “Como salir de un coche hundiendose.”

  1. Sergeant Rebook

    First of all, opening the windows is a difficult decision to make, as the car can sink more quickly and the chances of survival are reduced, it would be wiser to get out of the car as soon as possible to avoid the pressure exerted by the water .... Well bye-bye any other questions please leave your comments (P.S. McGyver was one of my favourite times....

  2. Don't you have any "how to do" to get out of a burning car, last time I was on fire in a car, I managed to get out but I don't know if I did it right....

    NOTICE MY SARCASM hahahahaah, cheers bro ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Alberto Navarro

    Hehehehe, McGyver is already very old, we are the new generation, hehehehe.


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