How to put a website on the Internet

How to put a website on the Internet 1

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One of the most common doubts when creating a website is what to do with the files of our website so that they are visible on the Internet. In today's article we will explain how to upload your website after having designed and programmed it..

How to put a website on the Internet

The fundamental component in publishing a website is a web server that makes our files available to the whole world and at any time, as well as offering us a quality and speed that is competitive and at a good price. As Hacer for example, is hosted by BlueHost, a company with which we feel very comfortable and with which we have very good relations because they give a great service and with an incredible quality.

When choosing a server, we should look at some of the server's characteristics:

Hard disk space: It should be enough to host our website. Normally there is usually enough left over.

Monthly trafficThis is a rate offered by the company for the transfer of data over the Internet. The more daily users we have, the higher this rate should be. There are servers that offer unlimited traffic.

Domain name: Normally included with the server. We will explain what it is later.

SQL AccountIf our website has a database, we will need a server that allows us to host it.

In addition to a good server that meets our needs we will need (if we want a more professional website) an Internet domain. A domain is a name given to our server allowing access to it from a simple address. The choice of domain name is very important as it will determine to a large extent where we appear in the search engines and, therefore, the success of our site.

Domains can be paid or free. Normally when we contract a web server we are provided with a fully configured domain for free.

As always, you can ask any questions you may have through our forum.

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  1. LucasClose
    This article is not according to the title, as it does not explain anything about how to put up the web+1

  2. This article is not according to the title, as it does not explain anything about how to upload the website.

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