How to have healthy teeth

The teeth are one of the parts of the body most prone to infection and disease as they are a site of contact with thousands of bacteria that can enter our mouths. For this reason it is very important to always take special care to keep them clean and healthy.. Today Here are some tips on how to achieve this.

How to have healthy teeth

With regard to oral health it is very important to have at hand some items of daily use. The most important are toothbrush, dental floss and mouthwash.

Regarding the toothbrush, we should buy one that has a comfortable hardness for our mouth. In addition it is important to renew it from time to time as they gradually wear out. Regarding dental floss and mouthwash will allow us to retouch and maintain the effect of the toothbrush..

A very important part of maintaining good oral health is to maintaining a proper daily routine. Doctors recommend brushing our teeth three times a day, always after every meal. The cleaning should be done with a good toothpaste and a bit of dental floss for the less accessible areas. To achieve a good result, brushing should last 2 to 3 minutes.

Also, before we go to sleep, it is advisable to use a little mouthwash to disinfect and protect the mouth.. These types of products usually contain a very important component for the mouth called fluoride, which prevents the mouth from possible caries.

Finally, something of vital importance for the health of our mouths is visit our dentist regularly to have your condition checked.. It is also a good idea to make an appointment to have your teeth cleaned, usually once a year.

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