How to improve memory.

It is well known among my friends how bad it is to memory I have, and it's probably due to how little I exercise it (I'm very tidy). Fed up with this dilemma, I decided to look for solutions and, of course, I have to publish them on How to doHere they go:

Improving memory

1.- MentaliseThinking positive and having self-control and motivation is the first step to having a good memory. I HAVE A GOOD MEMORY, repeat it inside yourself over and over again, it will motivate you to pay more attention to things.
2.- OrderWhether where you work, study or live, try to keep order. If you notice something that is not in its place, you will immediately put it back in its place, which will help you to improve your "photographic memory" of an environment.
3.- ExerciseYou can be a scholar and not have a good physique, of course, but exercise oxygenates your brain cells and boosts the level of neurons.
4.- Classical MusicIt has been scientifically proven that classical music activates and helps to maintain certain brain regions and functions, as soft music with the characteristic rhythm of classical music stimulates the brain cells, which will benefit our concentration.
5.- RelaxWhen you lose your car keys, or you forget what you were going to say and it's on the tip of your tongue, or you don't remember what you had to do after dinner, it's common for work or study stress to invade us, so it's good to control yourself, a good tip is to count to ten and breathe softly, you'll be surprised how quickly you'll be able to concentrate again.

Good advice for increase your memoryI hope you will follow them.

7 thoughts on “Cómo mejorar la memoria.”

  1. Gerard - Techniques to improve memory

    Your contributions are very good. A section on nutrition could be added. For example, olive oil, fish rich in omega 3 and blueberries help our brains to develop their functions.

  2. how to improve memory

    Very good personal comment you have made, I am passionate about improving memory because like everyone else we must think ahead with our health and concentration in today's fast paced life.

  3. A very important exercise for the memory is reading, it is very complete, of course, you have to understand what you read, to be able to exercise better,

    uses games, such as sudoku, crossword puzzles, chess, etc.
    I hope it helps

    1. Alberto Navarro

      I think the same as you, although I have never been one to read many books, I think it is one of the best ways to increase both our culture and our intelligence.

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