How to improve our drawing techniques

Drawing is an art that is perfected over time and requires a great deal of training if we want to stand out among all those who dedicate themselves to it.


In drawing it is very important to have a good technique that allows us to obtain satisfactory results. If we draw without thinking about what we hope to achieve beforehand, we will probably get a bad result. Today we bring you a series of tips that will help you to perfect your drawing techniques quickly.:

If you don't have a fixed model, think about what you are going to draw.. Having a fixed idea in our head of what to draw is sometimes quite difficult. When we don't have a clear idea it is good to observe the world around us and maybe we can come up with something. It is also useful to draw some scribbles on a sheet of paper as they can sometimes spark a good idea in us.

Before making your drawing, make a sketch. It is very useful to represent our ideas in a material place. In the sketch we can change whatever we want without any problem, while in the final drawing we can't. The sketch should be done with a pencil and very smoothly so that it can be erased. The sketch should be made with a pencil and very smoothly so that it can be erased.

Don't rest your hands on the paper. If we do so, we run a great risk of smudging our drawing either by running the ink from the pen or by leaving pencil traces all over the sheet.

Layouts should be fast and fine. Don't stop to make thick lines because the drawing will be worse. The lines will be modified when we make the details of the drawing and not before.

Do not use the rubber unless absolutely necessary.. If you use the eraser you run the risk of producing some kind of defect in your drawing. Also, if you erase an area too much, it will be quite dirty.

Practice, practice, practice. It is the most important prerequisite for good drawing. With practice, new techniques are adopted and mistakes are corrected. Any famous artist, before reaching his level, has had to make thousands of drawings.

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