How to improve the TV signal

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One of the biggest problems with television is the lack of signal. It often manifests itself in the form of pixelation of the image, cut off images or simply a black screen. Today we bring you some tips for better picture quality and improved signal reception.

Improve TV signal

One place where a lot of signal loss occurs is in the wiring connections. The installation of too many connections can lead to a total loss of signal. It is therefore a good idea to use the shortest possible cables and to keep the installation of the typical rosettes to a minimum.

In addition it is important to use good quality cabling and connectors.. The cables used to send television signals are usually coaxial, i.e. they contain a mesh that isolates the signal from external interference. If we acquire a cable that isolates well, the signal will arrive with a higher quality.

If, despite having good cabling with low losses, we receive a low signal, we have two options:

Acquire an antenna and replace the community signal with our own.. There are many types and sizes of antennas, so if you choose this option, it is important to seek professional advice.

Antenna tdt

Purchase a signal booster. These small devices increase the energy with which the signal moves through the power grid and allow it to better reach its destination.

TV amplifier

These two options can be used at the same time and we will achieve better results. Remember that you can ask us any questions you may have through our forum.

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  1. good afternoon, I see it very interesting your page of help, I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE A COMPLETE INSTALLATION AT HOME, I want to know which are the necessary components for an installation(osea the amplifier, the splitter, tap's, attenuators, modulator of channel and all that can be used for several televisions) and for that they serve or that they do, in truth I know nothing of this alone I want to orientate to learn, because I am in test of aprendisaje,(I AM ZERO TO THE LEFT)



    ATTENTION :Junior

  2. alberto muñoz

    to increase the signal quality of a satellite dish antenna is to paint it matt black because it absorbs ultraviolet colours and flatten the antenna a little to give it more strength and improve the quality of the signal strength.

  3. .... i don't understand how i have bought a televes 25 dB amplifier.but the signal is getting worse...i have the feeling that analog tv.was more effective...right?

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