How to improve circulation in your legs

Nowadays, most adults spend several years of their lives in the standing for hours at a time for a variety of reasons and that makes our legs suffer. It generally affects women more often, causing the appearance of varicose veins (thrombi), although there are cases in men. This is due to a blood supply deficit in these extremities because after the blood circulates to our feet, it returns to the heart in a vertical upward direction, so if we do not take measures to improve circulation it can cause serious pain. By doing the following activities you can help your legs take a break.

Cold water

When you take a shower, at the end of the shower, before turning off the tap apply cold water on your legs. At first it is uncomfortable but eventually you get used to it. While you pour the cold water on these extremities, massage them with your hands by rubbing them together. from the bottom to the top strongi.e. from the ankle or knee to the groin. This promotes upward blood flow.

If you don't like the sensation of freezing water you can apply cold effect creams after bathing, before going to bed or just after waking up in the same way as with water, massaging from bottom to top.

Giving cream on the legs.


Walk at least half an hour a day helps prevent varicose veins and stimulates circulation, so if your legs are usually sore, the pain will gradually cease. When you walk you use all or almost all the muscles in your legs, so as it is an exercise that helps to prevent varicose veins and stimulate circulation. our heart rate increases (at least a little bit for the effort) while at the same time blood pressureThe more power it will have to circulate well in your limbs and pass through those uncomfortable thrombi in a more efficient and effective way. fluid and thus you avoid pain.

Varicose veins in the legs.

Don't lead a sedentary life

Try to spend as little time as possible lying down or sitting.sedentary lifestyle because, generally, while we are in our free time lying down, for example, watching TV, we snack. If we don't move we don't burn the energy we have ingested, so it is stored in the muscle in the form of glycogen (carbohydrates), but too much of it can make it difficult to burn. grease and if it accumulates in the legs in the long run circulation is getting worse and the pain.

If you are sedentary, your arteries may look like this (see picture below) and this is precisely what causes the pain.

Blocked veins.

Avoid smoking

Tobacco clogs arteries of the whole body, thus causing cardiovascular problems. and causes pain and even the lack of blood supply to the fingers (which is where it is most difficult for blood to reach due to their distance from the heart). Finally, you can even lose sensation in these appendages of our body, which is why it is really advisable not to smoke and to promote circulation with the methods mentioned above.

In conclusion, to avoid pain and help the blood circulate in a fluid and fast way through our organism, I recommend you to follow these guidelines and you will also achieve a healthier life.

4 thoughts on “Cómo mejorar la circulación de tus piernas”

  1. Good recommendations but difficult to apply them to those who don't want to. But I found a little trick, my wife who doesn't like walking, I simply invite her to window shop in the shops. It really works. But always after lunch at home, in case she wants to eat everything she sees. Let me know the results later.


  3. This is a very good note, my legs usually hurt and it must be because I'm almost always standing, but when I get home I lie down and put a pillow under my feet to elevate my legs and thus help better circulation.

  4. Interesting tips, nowadays with the computer and the time one has to be working, they contribute a lot to a sedentary life.

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