How to upgrade Casio fx-82MS features

A calculator is one of the most useful accessories for a student as it saves a lot of time when performing calculations. As we move up the educational level, we need more functions in our calculator. Today we will show you how to modify the Casio fx-82MS calculator to increase its options..

How to upgrade Casio fx-82MS features

The calculator Casio fx-82MS is the one most students have today. This model of calculator can be modified via software to enable functions available on higher and more expensive models. The options to be activated are as follows:

- Solving matrices.

- Solve cubic equations, quadratic equations, etc.

- Working with complex numbers.

The steps to unlock these functions are as follows:

1) Turn on the calculator and press the MODE key and then the 2 key.

2) Press the 0 button and then the M+ key. Continue pressing M+ until the display shows n = 80 / Data Full.

3) Press M+ again and it will appear:

1 2

Here we press the 2 key.

4) Click on the arrow at the top of the pad below the screen. Freq 80 = 1 will appear.

Arrow above

5) Press 13 consecutively until the calculator will not allow any more numbers to be entered.

6) Press = and Data Full will appear on the screen. Press = again and the menu is displayed again:

1 2

7) Press 0, then 1 and finally =. Syntax Error will appear on the screen.

8) Now if we press AC and access the MODE menu we will find the new functions of the calculator. To understand them we can use the following PDF.

One drawback of this process is that when the calculator is switched off, the functions will disappear and you will have to do it again.. That is why it is a good idea to carry a notebook along with your calculator for when you need the functions.

Finally I leave you a video where all the steps in the process are recorded.

Remember that, as always, you can ask any questions you may have in our forum.

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