How to boost the signal of your WiFi antenna

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Has it ever happened to you that you have your WiFi adapter/receiver from a somewhat abandoned place, and it doesn't pick up a signal even if you want it to?

WiFi reception

Yesterday while playing FarCry 2, I remembered (I don't know what it has to do with it, but I remembered) when I had my desktop computer in my bedroom and I couldn't get a signal to my receiver, an old 11Mbps one. It occurred to me put a kind of satellite dish on it (round aluminium biscuit box) to make it unidirectional, This concentrates the received signal at the same point and increase the signal of my WiFi receiver quickly. If you have come here looking to amplify your wifi in a more professional way, you can always visit our shop and see if the high gain antenna we have is suitable for you.

As I don't have any photos of that moment, I thought I'd try the experiment again and see how it goes. I have to say, that now I'm in a more difficult place with respect to the router (in a basement), and that the receiver is one that Jazztel gives away for free, I don't know what speed it can take. As for the satellite dish, I was lucky and found the same one, I was using it to store batteries.

1.- To begin with, this is how I have my receiver set up:

Without the satellite dish

1.1.- And this is the signal it receives:

How to boost the signal of your WiFi antenna 1

2.- This is what it looks like with the "parabolic dish".

With the satellite dish

2.1.- And this is the signal it receives:


Of course the magnification can be even higher, it is a matter of testing with each receiver and in each situation as they will be different. If you are not convinced when you have it done, move the receiver and the satellite dish until you find the right place. The best way to achieve the best range is usually by pointing it directly at the transmitter or router, but sometimes this is not the case, due to bouncing and so on.

If you have the pleasure to try it, post in the comments the characteristics of your dish and how it is positioned, and of course from how much to how much it has increased, and I will try to guide you so that it goes better, greetings.

105 thoughts on “Como aumentar la señal de tu antena WiFi”

  1. haha i am using a cooking pot and i put my usb wiffi in there and so without the pot the signal from the second house next to mine gets 1 bar sometimes 2, and with the pot it gets 3 bars sometimes 4 xD

  2. hello it's me again with another contribution now I will tell you how you can connect to a wifi network of neighbours infinitum with four either letters or numbers first of all need the address of the mac or what is the same the BSSID I as I have the program included in the software of the antenna and I do not need any other program and the next step is to download the program mac2wepkey is a program that is compressed decompress it and decompress it write down the BSSID address of the antenna. The next step is to download the program mac2wepkey, it is a program that is compressed, unzip it and write down the BSSID address of the strongest signal with all the : points of separation you give him ok and buala will leave the key eye funciòna with xp to me me funciòno and I get up to 74% percent and the best thing that is free I recommend them I hope that it serves them as I served me in advance thank you look for and find but stop being exceptional bye comment and suggest

  3. hola tengo una antenna tp-link tl-wa5210g estas antennas son para recibir senal wifi sin candado o se puede compartir senales con candado siempre y cuando uno tenga los codigos?????

  4. hola tu sabes donde puedo encontrar un receptor wifi para aumentar la señal y en que precio varian ,mas o menos te lo agradecere si me envias informacion a mi correo:

  5. Ha ha I did it with the same door of the room that is metallic and it worked perfect and I went from 0% to 35% and now I have 4Mb at my disposal.

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