How to boost your wifi signal.

After "How to increase the signal of your Wifi antenna physically" and "10 tips to optimize your wifi connection" I bring you a method well known by some and not so well known by most. If you have come here looking for a more professional way to amplify your Wifi, you can go to Amazon and see if you are convinced by any of the solutions they have. The trick is to digitally force your wireless card (whether on a laptop or desktop) to pick up as much signal as possible using all the power it is capable of consuming. The trick is as simple as it is fast, just follow these steps:

For Windows XP:

Boost Wifi for Win XP

1º- Button: Home > Control panel > Right-click on the icon: Network connections > Click on: Properties.
2º- Button: Configuration.
3º- Tab: Advanced.
4º- Search for options: Power management y Transmit power. On both Intel and Atheros WIFI chips I have found that they work in a similar or equivalent way. In any case, if this option exists on your laptop, it should be in this same place with an equivalent name.
5º- Put the sticks at maximum power.
6º- Save changes.

For Windows 7 (I think Vista too):

Boost Wifi for Win 7

1º- Button: Home > Control panel > Networks and the Internet > Network and Sharing Centre > In the bar on the left: Change adapter configuration > Right-click on the icon: Wireless network connection > Click on: Properties.
2º- Button: Configure.
3º- Tab: Advanced options.
4º- Search for options: Mobility Intensity, Performance Enhancement and Transmission Power. If it doesn't look exactly the same, don't worry, it will be very similar and have the same effect.
5º- Set everything to maximum power.
6º- Button: Accept.

You see, it was easy increase our wifi signalas this article is based on the one found here.

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  1. Elvis Segovia

    When you set this configuration to maximoo... are there any disadvantages, apart from the fact that it consumes more energy?

  2. Dude, thanks I love you (in a good way xD) you saved me from a lot of frustration because I couldn't find the solution for Windows 7 and I was getting frustrated >:D as I'm on the other side of the house = on the other side of the Router position... but thanks ;).

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