How to install an ADSL router

Many companies have private ADSL equipment installation services. These companies usually send a technician to your home to set up your Internet network. These services are usually expensive and can be avoided with a minimum of knowledge. In today's article we will explain how to configure an ADSL router and thus save yourselves the famous installation services.

How to install ADSL router

First of all, it is important to know that each router has a different way of installation, however, all of them need the same external connections. The main ones are as follows:

Connection to the telephone lineThis port is connected to the telephone socket which normally has a rosette to separate its signal into two.

Ethernet connectionThe cable that goes directly to the computer is connected to this port. It has a larger plug than the previous cable. Routers usually have several Ethernet connections to connect more than one computer.

FeedingThe port can have many shapes. The port is usually round and is the one that provides the necessary power to the ADSL equipment. It is usually the last cable to be connected.

Resetis a small button that will allow us to restart the ADSL router in case of error.

ADSL router ports

After connecting all the cables we will have to configure the router. There are two ways to do this adjustments necessary:

1. Performing a manual installationIf you have sufficient knowledge about networks, you can adjust the connection by accessing the router configuration page. This is usually: or .

2. Perform automatic installationFor some years now, routers have included an automatic installation disk. By simply inserting it into your computer, it will guide you through the whole process, telling you exactly what to do at all times. This is usually the easiest way if you don't want to complicate your life.

ADSL router disk

Once this is done, all the ADSL equipment will be ready to access the Internet. Remember that you can ask any question through our forum.

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  1. hola tengo un router de telefonica y en casa el cable que biene con internet es ethernt y n entra en el router ¿que puedo hacer?

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