How to install PS3eye on Windows 7

Sony PS3eye

If you own a Playstation 3 and its now famous PS3eyeyou're in luck because with this tutorial you'll learn how to install it on Windows 7. At first we will need the Ps3eye itself and these two files (first, second).

We must then follow this sequence of steps:

- The first thing is to have the PS3eye disconnected.

- We will also need to have the files ready.

- Install the program in the .rar file in the first link.

- When it asks us to connect the camera, we connect it.

- When the installation is finished, do not run the programme.

- Go to the programme files, in the Code Laboratories folder.

- Copy the files from the second link into all the folders in that one.

Finally, I leave you a video tutorial made by Carra8 in which the whole process is explained visually:

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