How to keep a bicycle in good condition

Sport is very important for human beings as it allows them to improve their health and keep fit. A very popular means of transport is the bicycle, which allows us to move quickly while exercising at the same time. Today we will explain how to keep your bike in good condition and thus be able to enjoy it for a long time to come.

How to keep a bicycle in good condition


The bicycle chain in the element that transmits the movement of our feet to the rear wheel. It is important that it is in good condition and greased often to improve the transmission of motion.

It is always useful to carry a spare loose link with you in case the chain breaks. These links can be found in any sports shop.


They are responsible for stop the movement of the wheels if necessary. Whether the brakes are disc brakes or traditional brakes, we must always check that the brake pads are not worn, otherwise the braking surface will be scratched and lose its effectiveness.


They provide the necessary grip to move forward on the ground.. The wheels must be perfectly round and the tyre must not be completely smooth.

In addition, a set for repairing punctures should always be kept on hand. These sets usually contain several patches, a special glue and sandpaper. It is very simple to use: spread the glue on the puncture, apply the patch and sand the surface when the glue dries.

Gear changes

They allow vary the combination of dishes to increase or decrease the effort required to move forward. The sprockets must never be bent or broken, otherwise the chain will jump from one gear to another without control. In addition, the entire mechanism must be properly greased.

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