How to keep your home fresh and smelling good

In a home there are a large number of elements that can cause discomfort to its tenants. Today we bring you some tips and tricks that will give your home a fresh and pleasantly scented atmosphere.

Comfort in a house is very important because it It allows us to feel at ease and to be able to carry out our tasks with more enthusiasm and in a more relaxed way..

How to keep your home fresh and smelling good

One of the most important things when it comes to creating a good atmosphere in our home is maintain a cool temperature. To achieve this there are a large number of systems. The most commonly used is air conditioning, however, if we adopt some habits we will be able to avoid this great economic expense:

Lowering the blinds especially during the hottest hours of the day, it will reduce the temperature in our home considerably as it will keep the whole house in the shade.

- Many people think that opening the windows is a good remedy against the heat, however, in hot hours it is better to keep them closed to avoid heat from the street..

- Electrical systems give off a lot of heat. If we want to keep our house cool, it is advisable to keep these systems unplugged if not in use.

- They always tend to be the cooler the lower parts of the house than higher ones because heat tends to rise upwards.

In addition to keeping our home fresh, it is very important that we there is a good aroma in our home. There are many and varied systems to scent our home on the market, however, as in the previous case, there are home methods.

- It is essential to ventilate the house at least once a day.usually as soon as we wake up. During the day, many smells accumulate in a house, which are removed by simply opening the windows.

- There are some plants such as thyme that give off a very aromatic and relaxing smell. We can place a small branch in every room of our house.

- The lemon and orange peels are also very aromatic if we burn them in a fire.

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