How to keep your notes tidy

Adolescence is a time in which studies mark our lives and during which we decide what we will be for the rest of our lives. One of the most important things when it comes to studying is to prepare good, well-ordered notes. Today we will give you some tips for keeping your notes tidy so that they are always ready for studying.

How to keep your notes tidy

The order of notes should be both internal and external.. If we write very good notes but have every sheet of paper on one side, all our effort will have been for nothing.

For internal ordering of notes a hierarchy between the content we write. The most important sentences should be highlighted in different colours or underlined and the less important contents (annotations) should be written in smaller letters and in pencil. It is also very useful to number the sections and the topics into which the contents are divided.

Regarding how order the notes externally It is very useful to use a means of holding the sheets in some way (binding, binder, binder, paper clips, etc.). This will ensure that each sheet is in the correct order and does not get lost. We can also number the sheets in case one of them gets loose.

Another very useful way of organising content is through the use of The posit with which we can introduce small annotations in our notes. With them we can build markers that differentiate content, clarifications of content, sentences that complement the original content or specific warnings.

Finally, something that is becoming more and more common is the use of electronic means to study. These elements are very useful in this field and allow us to access thousands of contents quickly without having to carry traditional notes. In addition, a very good feature they now offer is the possibility of using electronic pens to take notes more quickly.

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