How to learn to draw

Drawing is something that many people are bad at due to lack of practice. Drawing is a very simple task if you learn how to do it properly and apply some basic techniques. Today we will teach you some techniques for learning to draw.

How to learn to draw

As we have already said practice is a very important factor in learning to draw. The more we draw, the better techniques we will acquire and the closer our drawings will be to reality.

Having said this basic principle of the drawings, here is a list of the following some techniques and tips to help you with your drawings.

- The basic elements for drawing are pencil and paper. Ink pens and colours should be left in the background to touch up the final result.

- A good drawing should be preceded by a good sketch summarising the final result. Sketches should be made with a fine pencil and not too tightly.

The lines we make must be easily modifiable. without marking the paper too much.

- It is important that let's not put our hands on the paper because pencil drawings tend to get dirty very easily.

- If we are going to draw human figures, it is important that we practice a lot beforehand, as it is really difficult to. We must be clear about the body distributions in order to represent them in the drawing.

- There are techniques such as blurring or applying shadows on objects that can spoil our drawing. To make these techniques look good it is useful to test them first on a separate sheet of paper.

- The first drawings that we make should be of real objects in front of us. If we start by drawing something that we have in our imagination, we will have the added difficulty of permanently thinking about what we are going to draw.

As always, remember that you can go to our forum to ask any questions you may have.

2 thoughts on “Cómo aprender a dibujar”

  1. AWESOME! I have no idea how to draw and I have drawn my first lion and I feel proud hahaha I'm serious.

  2. It's good but the truth is that I've never found it difficult to draw without sketches, on the contrary I find it more difficult to make a drawing with a sketch...

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