How to magnetise a screwdriver.

Screwdriver bits

For those of us who work with small screws (such as computer screws, for example) a useful tool to always have on hand is a magnetic tip screwdriver. It is really handy when it comes to recovering lost screws or small metal parts.

But... What do we do if we don't have one? Well... We can make it ourselves. I'm going to tell you not one, but two practical methods for magnetise your screwdrivers. One simple and one that requires a little more skill.

- Simple procedure

All you need is a sufficiently powerful magnet (neodymium magnets), so forget the ones you use to stick things to fridge doors. Then rub the tip of the tool with the magnet in the same direction until the screwdriver is magnetised. Here is a video showing the procedure:

- Complex procedure

The complexity of this procedure lies in the fact that we will need a few more elements. First we have to get copper wire and wind it around the metal part, leaving both ends of the wire free. Then the coiled wire must be connected to an electrical power source for a few minutes. It can be a battery, a pair of batteries in series or a coil as the example in the videos.

It is up to you to decide which procedure to follow. Whichever one interests you most. I hope you liked it

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