How to make a battery charger for USB devices

Among the everyday items for portable electronic equipment, we have gadget batteries. Having a battery charger is an important aid, especially when we often work with devices that use this type of power supply. Below, we will see how to make a battery charger for USB devices.

Materials for the charger


- A small tin for storing the battery charger.
- A clip for 9V batteries.
- A 5V voltage regulator.
- One female USB connector.
- Insulated copper wire.

Creating our battery charger

The first thing we will do, is to manipulate the can to achieve a customised housing for our charger, we will make a hole in the side of the can to fix the USB connector there.

AGujerenado the box

Next, we need to create the circuit inside the can, so that we can protect it and give it a very attractive look. The first step is to place a 9V battery inside the box, this battery can be fixed with silicone or tape. Then, it is time to make connections to create the circuit, a wire will go from the positive pole of the battery to the input connector of the voltage regulator (Vin). From the output connector of the voltage regulator (Vout) we will make a connection to the female USB.

Diagram of the assembly

Next, we join the free connector on the voltage regulator with the negative pole of the battery and from this union, we take a connection to the free pole of the female USB, in this way, we will have our circuit ready.

Now, all we have to do is connect our gadgets to the charger and we can recover the lost power, it's a fairly simple circuit that we can renew every time the 9V battery is discharged.

End device

It should be noted that as the battery is 9V, it should provide more than enough power to the USB devices, as these types of elements only require a power supply of around 5 volts, so we can have power for our gadgets when we are not near the PC to charge them.

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7 thoughts on “Cómo hacer un cargador de baterías para dispositivos USB”

  1. I want to make one that instead of using a 9v battery ... use 5 1.2 batteries ... and then recharge it ... with the same charger of the mobile ...



  3. Gustavo Maldonado

    Is the passing current regulated? What value does it have? My mobile phone charger says it pulls Max 600 mAm.

    1. the voltage regulator is for 1A I wanted to use 2800mah ultrafire batteries .....(3.7v each) but it wouldn't work).

  4. And if instead of 1 9v battery we use 4 batteries of 1.5v (AA)? we get 6v instead of 5v, would there be any problem? which lasts longer 1 of 9v regulating at 5v or 4 of 1.5v?

    I would like to mount it, but if I do, I would like it to last as long as possible so that I can change the batteries as often as possible.

    1. Alberto Navarro

      I don't know the difference in capacity between the batteries, if you have both you can do the test and let us know the results here.


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