How to make a notebook out of floppy disks.

Notebook with diskettes

Centuries ago (old-timers like me will remember) the methods of transporting information from computer to computer were much more limited. Before the existence of the internet, the pendrive, the dvd or even the cd, there were the archaic floppy diskettes.

What I propose today is to put those floppy disks to good use. that are probably lying around, gathering dust. Of course we can recycle them, but we can also transform them into a useful notebook that will be the envy of all our fellow geeks. I will now list the materials:

  • Two floppy diskettes.
  • Paper (of your choice).
  • Pencil.
  • Cutting element such as a scissors, cutter, etc. Whatever they are most comfortable with.
  • Clamps or similar item to hold while drilling.
  • Drilling tool. This can be a drill like the one in the video or a drill and drill bits.
  • Element to "ring" the whole assembly.


  1. Cut the chosen sheets equal to or smaller than the size of the diskettes. The quantity is at your discretion as is the method of marking and cutting.
  2. Drilling. This part will depend on the element with which you decide to make the holes. First, mark on the diskettes where the holes will be made, taking into account that they must be in the same position so that they are not deformed. If using a drill (hand or bench) use a drill bit no larger than 5 - 6 mm in diameter. Hold the whole package (diskettes and paper) with the clamps (or whatever you have chosen) and make the holes. In the case of using a hand drill as in the video you will have to make the holes on the elements separately, always trying to keep the same distances.
  3. The final step is to ring the two covers and the paper. You can use whatever you prefer: rings (such as those sold in bookshops); plastic seals; copper wire, etc. Whatever you use should be easy to reopen to change the paper used.

Here is a sample video to give you a more visual idea of the procedure. Although it has a predetermined order, it is up to you to choose the materials and tools. I hope you find it useful.

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