How to make a Bunsen burner

Among the most common implements used in a laboratory are lighters, which are used to perform all kinds of experiments where we have to heat substances, or we need fire to complete a procedure. Today, we will see how to make a Bunsen burner.

Bunsen burner


- A light bulb or spotlight.

- A dry cloth.

- A piece of cloth.

- Burning alcohol.

- One can.

How to assemble the Bunsen burner

First, we wrap the bulb in a cloth to protect our hands and prevent it from breaking. Then, with the help of a blade, we carefully remove the metal part of the bulb.

Bunsen burner

Once this is done, we proceed to remove everything inside the bulb, including any traces of filament or glass we may find inside the bulb.

Once this cleaning process has been completed, we are ready to assemble our Bunsen burner. We will start by building the lid of the lighter, using a circular piece of a tin can and with the help of an awl or a nail, we will make a fairly large hole through which our wick can pass.

Preparing the bunsen burner wick

To make the wick, we use a piece of cloth. We cut the cloth so thick that it can easily fit through the lid of the burner we are building. Then, we pass the wick through the lid and leave a protruding tip and a long tip floating inside the bulb.

Preparing the bunsen burner

Now it's time to charge our lighter. Very carefully, we pour burning alcohol into the bulb, without filling it to the top. Then, we place the lamp on a support to prevent it from falling, we put the lid on it, and we are ready to use it. Bunsen burner. Now, We only have to light the wick with a match, match or lighter and we will have a flame that will last as long as we have alcohol inside the lighter.

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