How to make a wardrobe with drawers

Today we will learn how to make a useful drawer cabinet by reusing matchboxes. It is ideal for a desk or office.

Wardrobe with drawers

I remember when I was little I was bought a very small cupboard with drawers. It may not look like much, but over time, it becomes a useful object for a desk (in fact, I still have it today), as it allows you to organise and store small office objects that are very easy to lose: pins, safety pins (for redundancy's sake), leads, paper clips, pencil sharpeners, erasers, staples, etc.

So take note to finally have a place where you can tidy up those hard-to-store desk items.

You will need:

- Matchboxes of different sizes (four, five... depending on how many drawers we want).

- Coloured tape or paper.

- Various coloured buttons.

- An awl.

- Glue.

- Wire or hairpins.

Miscellaneous for the wardrobe

The cupboard with drawers is very simple. We take the boxes we have and paint them in the colours we want. On the sides, where the scrapers are to light the matches, we cover them with paper that we have previously painted or directly with coloured adhesive tape. Line the whole box.

Then we place the boxes in the shape we want. Look at the main image to take it as an example. In this case, they are stacked in a chaotic but at the same time orderly and elegant way. Do the same or you can also make a cupboard conventional if you glue the boxes together, one on top of the other, and fit them into a larger cardboard box.

Try not to overdo it with the glue, especially if it is strong and instant, so that it does not overflow and infiltrate inside the boxes. If glue gets inside, we won't be able to open them.

The last step is to punch two small holes in the boxes. Pass hairpins or a piece of wire through them and through the buttons. Try to have a little bit of wire left over to bend it inside and fix it so that it doesn't come out when you open the box. drawer.

We already have our personal wardrobe for "little things". If you have any questions, we will answer them in the forum.

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  1. Good idea, but the only thing is to have boxes because most people throw them away without thinking about it, so that they don't take up space and don't hang around 😀.

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