How to make a camera stabiliser for the iPhone

Image stabiliser for iPhone

Every day new news about Apple appears on our screens, and in our little "HowTo" world we are not going to be less. The cameras on the iPhone are really good compared to the rest of the cameras on the market, but the fact that we use them with our own hands (shaky hands included) means that some recordings are not as spectacular as they should be. That's why this guy has created a camera stabiliser for the iPhone and he explains how he has done it. The video is in English, but it's very easy to understand:

And then, as expected, a demonstration of a video with that stabiliser and an iPhone:

Seen on Zedomax.

2 thoughts on “Cómo hacer un estabilizador de cámara para el iPhone”

  1. Mmmm I see it quite complicated, but if I don't try to do it, it's no good... So I hope I get it... I hope it's compatible with the iPhone 3G, because I don't have the 4 😀.

  2. Thanks, I'll see what comes out, this one looks more or less straightforward and well explained 🙂

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