How to make a car run on vegetable oil

Why is this? fill the tank with vegetable oil? Because the planet will thank you and because it is cheaper than diesel. This idea, which was applied by the hippies is not so utopian.

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The vegetable oil does not contribute to increased gas emissions into the atmosphere, it is estimated that replacing diesel with vegetable oil reduces CO2 emissions by 2.8 tonnes per year (depending on your use of the vehicle, of course). On the other hand, it is also worth knowing that switching to vegetable oil saves you money (you can also use used cooking oil), and keep in mind that vegetable oil is not subject to market price fluctuations.

The most commonly used oils are rapeseed, peanut, olive, palm, soya and sunflower (the last three are the cheapest). The great advantages of vegetable oil are that it has a high energy capacity, it is more efficient, it is non-toxic and it burns neutrally (it does not emit CO2 gases).

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Which models enable change?

Pre-chamber diesels, direct injection (TDI), unit-injector (PDI) and common rail. Some TDIs do not allow this due to timing pump limitations.

What changes need to be made?

Two types of modifications can be made:

  • With a fuel tank: spark plugs and injectors are replaced and a new fuel filter is added. Sometimes an additional fuel pump, heat exchanger (to preheat the fuel), switches, valves, pipes, etc. need to be installed.
  • With two fuel tanks: The original tank is retained and an additional small tank (approx. 30 litres) is added. This is used for the first and last kilometres by means of an automatic or manual switch.

Please note that in order to use the pure vegetable oil as fuel These technical modifications must be carried out, and if you are not prepared for them, it is best to visit a garage to avoid irreparable damage. The vegetable oil is more viscous.

Kit for the use of vegetable oil in cars.

The change can cost about 2,000 euros. With moderate use of the vehicle, it can pay for itself after 60,000 kilometres. Kits with all the necessary parts and assembly instructions can be found on the Internet (for mechanics and amateurs with minimal knowledge).

In Spain, EcoEngin adapts commercial vehicles for use with pure vegetable oil and this same company supplies oil in accordance with the legislation in force, declared as fuel. It has offices in Barcelona, A Coruña and León and uses German Rapstruck technology.

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  1. What can be done is to use used cooking oil, which if thrown into the water pollutes, but if it is used as fuel it fulfils the double function of not polluting as fossil fuels do.

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