How to make a CO2 generator for aquariums

Maintain a good amount of CO2 in the aquarium water is of vital importance, as it improves the pH control of the water so that the fish are in a much healthier environment, and accelerates the photosynthesis process of the plants that inhabit it. To maintain the levels of CO2 In optimal quantities, it is necessary to have an external system that supplies this gas to the aquarium water. In this article, we will look at how to make a CO2 generator for our aquarium.

completely homemade CO2 generator for aquariumsMaterials

To make our CO2 generator, we will need the following materials:

- Rubber tubing (as used in laboratories).
- 3 x 2L soda bottles.
- 1 air regulating valve.
- 1 anti-reflux valve.
- 1 air diffuser.
- Several thin plastic tubes or hard straws (used for sipping liquids).
- Natural yeast (baker's yeast).
- Sugar.
- Distilled water.

Assembly procedure

Start by drilling a hole in the bottle caps with a small hand drill. The holes should be large enough to fit the thin plastic tubes or straws.

Next, we place a pair of plastic tubes or straws in the lid of the second bottle: a long tube that will reach almost to the bottom of the bottle and another short tube very close to the lid (the gas created in the generator bottle will rise up through this tube). Once the tubes are in place, we seal the holes with silicone to fix the tubes and prevent gas leaks.

Repeat the above process with the cap of the third bottle. The cap of the first bottle will not be used, so no holes will be drilled. Next, we place the rubber tubes as connectors, one from the tube that will be used for the first bottle to the long tube of the second bottle. From the short tube of the second bottle, we place another rubber tube to the gas regulating valve. At the outlet of this valve, we place another rubber tube to the long tube of the third bottle.

From the short tube of the third bottle, we place a rubber tube to one end of the reflux valve, and from the other end of the reflux valve, we place a long rubber tube that will go to the inlet of the air diffuser that will be placed in the aquarium.

Simplified CO2 generator model derived from the original one

Now, it is time to prepare the bottles. The first bottle will be left completely empty and unsealed, it will be a kind of security system where the excess pressure of the bottle will go to generate CO2This prevents the bottle from bursting or exploding due to excess pressure.

In the second bottle, we add ¾ litre of distilled sweetened water (approximately 100 g of sugar) in which we have dissolved approximately half a teaspoon of natural yeast with a little bicarbonate of soda. The third bottle is filled with ½ litre of distilled water.

The only thing left to do is to put the caps on the bottles, and our CO2 generator will be ready for use in our aquarium.

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    if only I had known earlier
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