How to make a coloured smoke bomb.

Lilac smoke

Some time ago we showed you how to make a smoke bomb normal, but now we are going to learn how to make a coloured smoke bombPay attention to the video:


FERRITEThe dye is the colouring, you can get it at the hardware store, preferably orange or blue.
Potassium nitrate or KNO3It is available at any agricultural veterinary. It is a fertiliser so you can get it in any agrochemical shop.
Sugarin any kitchen, of course.
Sodium bicarbonateis a white powder that you take when you have heartburn.
Insulating Tape, like the sticker but in black.
Paper coneis what is left when the roll of paper runs out.
MechaYou can make one with a pita and a lot of ground match heads.
Cottonso that the wick does not move.



Mix the nitrate with the sugar in a small saucepan, 60g of nitrate and 40g of sugar.
2. Now put it on a low heat until the mixture caramelises and becomes half-brown.
3. When the mixture looks like butter, add a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda (all this mixture over low heat).
4. When the bicarbonate is no longer visible, add 3 large spoonfuls of ANILINE and add enthusiasm.
5. When the mixture looks like orange butter with lumps.
6. Now pour it into a cone, but make sure it has a plug-like thing on one side (that it is firm).
7. Then with a thick pencil put it on the tube and press it until it reaches the bottom and leave it there (this is to leave space for the wick, preferably the pencil has to be thick).
8. From there they take out the pencil and put the wick in the hole left by the pencil.
9. From there you put cotton wool around it so that it is more or less tight.
10. Now wrap everything with insulating tape leaving a considerable space for the wick area.
11. Now to turn on and run.

Very easy to make and fun, the only thing you have to be careful with is not to do it in a place where you can be noticed, because as you can see, it gives off an impressive smoke.

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  1. HOW CAN IT BE?! I tried everything but I GET BLANK!

    how the fuck do I give colour to this bomb!!!!
    another thing, the can opened in two, is that why all the smoke went out so fast?

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