How to make a digital volume control

Today, we will see how to make a digital volume control that we can adapt to any audio device we want.


digital volume controller


- DS1669 integrated circuit.

- 100 ηF filter capacitor.

- Power supply with Vmax= 5V and Imax=0.05A.

- Two key-type pushbuttons.

- Two devices for connection to audio equipment.

Creating our volume controller

The first thing we are going to do, is to take the DS1669 integrated circuit and locate pin number 1, once this is done, we connect the audio input device. Then, we connect the input to one of the key-type pushbuttons and the other pushbutton connection goes directly to the second pin of the chip.

digital volume control

Next, we connect the fourth pin of the integrated with the free end of the pushbutton connection, so that we can see an arrangement similar to a parallel arrangement, and the free end will be connected to ground, this will be the volume down pushbutton.

Once these connections have been made, it is time to work on the connections on the other side of the board. To do this, we connect the fifth pin to the power supply and in the path between the fifth pin and the power supply, we connect one end of the capacitor.

Now, it is time to connect the sixth pin to the other pushbutton and the free end will be connected to the free end of the capacitor. From this point, we connect the audio output device and the free end of this device will be connected to the seventh pin of the integrated. The eighth pin of the integrated, will be connected to the free end of the previous connection and from there we ground it.

digital volume controller circuit

It should be noted that the filter capacitor should be as close as possible to the integrated circuit, so that it can work efficiently.

We now have our digital volume controll, we only need to connect it to the device we want to control and use the pushbuttons to do the job.

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