How to make a doghouse

You have probably heard the phrase that a dog is man's best friend more than once. This is due to their great loyalty to their master and the company they offer to people. Today we bring you an article related to this type of pet: how to make a doghouse.

How to make a doghouse

In this article we will use as main material woodHowever, it can be done with other materials such as pastic or a type of sheet metal that can withstand outdoor use.

The first thing to do in order to build our stand is to have a small sketch or plan of the final result we expect. This will give us a place to build on and help us to better follow the process.

Shed plan

After a short schematic we will start with the assembly. We must always first carry out the structure that will support the walls, the roof, etc. This part should be made with a material that can withstand well, such as metal. To get a more solid structure we can reinforce the rectangle by putting a bar inside it from one vertex to the opposite one. This will make everything stronger as a triangle is more difficult to deform than a square.


After finishing the structure, it is time to laying the walls and roof. The material we choose for this, in this case wood, must withstand water well. Normally in DIY shops we can find water-repellent woods that are specially manufactured for contact with water.

Wall and roof assembly

The last thing left is decorate the shed a bit with water-resistant paint and covering the joints which can be filtered with silicone. Remember that, as always, you can go to our forum to ask any questions you may have.

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