How to make a dartboard with darts

Darts is a world famous sport in which you have to demonstrate your aim by throwing darts at different areas of a dartboard. In today's article we will show you how to build a dartboard and several darts to play this game.

The construction of the target is quite simple. To make it, all you need to do is We will need a round cork and several paints to differentiate the areas.. We can fill the target with as many areas as we want, but usually the shots in the centre of the target are more highly valued than those on the outside simply because of their complexity. A distribution that we can choose is as follows:

Target construction

The manufacture of the darts is also relatively simple. To make them we need the following elements:

- Thin nails or tacks.

- Pencil.

- Cardboard.

- Glue or cellophane.

The process for constructing each dart is as follows. The central base on which everything will be built is the pen.. At its tip we must stick a thin nail with cellophane or glue, which will be the one that will be driven into the cork.

Dart construction

To make the whole thing aerodynamic, four pieces of cardboard should be glued to the back of the dart in the shape of a shark's fin. These pieces should resemble each other as closely as possible in size and have a constant spacing.

For an even more personalised and beautiful result we can decorate the darts a bit and add some counterweight to make them as suitable as possible for our way of playing.

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