How to make a finger puppet

Hello, how are you? I'm fine. Bad. I could be better. Well, I could be worse! Sorry, my fingers have acquired autonomous personalities. That's the thing about making a finger puppet.

Finger puppet

In previous articles we have learned how to making a hand puppetToday we will focus on a finger puppet. If you can't get enough of faking a new personality, with this puppet you can play up to four different personalities. The more daring can even play two-handed with eight different alter egos.

You will need:

- A glove.

- Acorn shells.

- Round stickers.

- A felt-tip pen.

- Painting.

- Adhesive paste.

- Scissors.

Choose the glove well because it will be the body of our protagonists. We can even use gloves often already decorated with floral motifs or other patterns. We can also use kitchen gloves.

We cut off all the ends of the fingers except for the thumb, because if we perform backstage, it will hardly see the light of day. They sell gloves without fingertips, and some of them have coloured fingers, so it might be interesting to get one of them.

If not, we can always decorate a plain, dull glove ourselves by bleaching it and bleach it, with paints...

Finger puppet

Now we take the four acorn shells and paint them in different colours. This will be the little hats of our characters. We apply a bit of sticky paste and put them on our fingertips. A trick of the trade: you'll get the annoying glue on your fingers. To remove Super Glue from the skin, we recommend soaking it in hot water or using acetone.

Now we take white stickers and cut them out as rounds. On them we draw the eyes. The last step is to draw on the same skin the mouth and eyebrows, if we want. Make them different to give them diversity.

If you have found this article useful for a children's theatre play or otherwise, you can come to the forum and tell us about your experiences.

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