How to make a floating boat

Porex is an ideal material for making toys to play with in the bath or in the pool. Today we will learn how to making a little floating boat.

Floating boat

The porex (expanded polyester) is a very light synthetic cork that comes from petroleum. Its manufacture contributes to the deterioration of the ozone layer, so it is very important that we reduce their consumption or reuse them. For example, for making a little floating boat toy.

You will need:

- Acrylic paint.

- Glue.

- Paper punch.

- Scissors, ruler, cutter.

- Soda canes.

- Eraser, brushes, tape, pencil.

- Permanent marker.

- Cardboard in the colour we want the candle to be.

- Porex trays that we have at home.

First of all, we will draw the following cutting outline in pencil:

Schematic of the floating ship

The small side of the rectangle is 4 cm, the length is 7 cm, and the bow adds another 4 cm. There are curve rules that can help you to draw the curvature of the bow. Although, with a little bit of skill you will get a more than acceptable result. Then we cut it out and it will be the template that we will use to draw the boat on the pórex.

The pencil may not draw on the polyester. In this case, press the tip. Cut the outline of the polyrex with the cutter.

Then cut two or three strips of pórex about two centimetres wide. We put glue on the sides of the base of the POREX SHIP and glue one of the strips, so that it fits the whole silhouette. Embroider it all over. What's left over, cut it out. It should look something like this:

Floating boat

Now we will glue another strip at the back, to close the boatand with another piece of strip we will make the two "benches" inside the shipas shown in the picture:

Floating boat

We glue them together and wait for it to dry (it takes a while for the pórex to dry). When it is completely dry, paint the boat as we wish. We can give one colour to the outside and a different colour to the inside. Use plenty of paint.

Now we take a straw or a soda cane and cut it to the same length as the boat. Then we pierce the middle "bench" with the pencil to insert the cane, which will act as a mast.

The final step will be the candle. Very simple: we draw a square of 9×9 cm. At both ends we make two holes at the same height with a hole punch. We bend it slightly and put it through the cane, as shown in the picture:

Ship's sail

To fix it, we stick some adhesive tape on the back. Remember that you can draw an emblem on the cardboard if you want (the pirate skull, a flower...).

Ready to sail.

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