How to make a fly trap

Ingenious invention that I find in Lifehackera FLY TRAP and all the instructions to build one ourselves. The trick is in the shape of the cone that you can see in the lower part of the inside of our trap and of course in the bait that we use and put under the cone (everybody knows what I'm talking about xD). Apart from the bait we will need several pieces of wood and some mosquito netting.

Fly Trap

There are also guidelines and measurements for the more clumsy, but any size will do depending on how many flies you want to get rid of. Don't forget to put in a way to remove the dead flies like a flap or a removable roof if you don't want to turn your trap into a coffin. Have a fly-free world!

2 thoughts on “Cómo hacer una trampa para moscas”

  1. Flies are annoying, but mosquitoes in summer are unbearable! Let's see if you can prepare some mosquito traps for us 😀.

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