How to make a table football table out of sheet metal

We already did an article in How To on a wooden table football table. Today we propose a slightly simpler one with which the kids in the house can entertain themselves: a cheap, old-fashioned table football.

Table football with badges.

In the past, when children didn't have video games or enough money to spend a whole afternoon at the table football or they played it in the flesh, or they played the badges. A great example of how a little can go a long way. A good way to have fun reusing materials and a lesson in a sport that moves a lot of money.

You will need:

- Undented sheet metal.

- Photos or stickers of football players.

- One carton.

- Scissors.

- Glue.

- Candle wax.

- Cardboard and paints.

- A chickpea.

For playing table football we need 22 badges, although we can make more to simulate the "bench" and bring out new players when they "get tired" ;-). To make the game more realistic, we will put real faces on the badges.

Where do we get pictures? Either from stickers, if the younger ones collect them and have some of them repeated, or from sports newspapers. A good idea is to buy a newspaper after a match day, because in some (such as Mundo Deportivo) they usually rate the players one by one, together with a small photograph of each one (ideal for our badges).

Personalised badges.

Before gluing the photos, it is advisable to spread a small layer of wax, so that the photos are not damaged. badges weigh a little more.

Now all that's missing is the field: we will draw and paint it on a cardboard of the size we want. Don't cheat! Both goals should be the same size. If you are going to play in the street, you can choose to draw with a stick on the ground the football pitch.

As a curiosity, we should add that the badge football is not just for children. Proof of this is the Spanish Futbolchapas Federation, a Madrid-based organisation founded by amateurs that seeks to promote this popular game and even has a league. They compete in several Spanish cities, so if you get the hang of it, go and join one of these clubs.

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