How to make a bleaching gel for ABS plastics

Nowadays, there are innumerable artefacts and pieces that are made with ABS plasticAmong them, we can highlight the casings of old PC's, the casings of keyboards, mice, the casings of some printers and different electronic devices. There is also a traditional toy made of this type of plastic, the classic building blocks. Over time, this material takes on a yellowish tone, which is very unattractive. In this article, we will look at how to make an ABS plastic bleaching gelwith elements that we usually have in our homes.

Bleaching process of ABS plastic parts


To do this bleaching gel for ABS plasticwe will use the following materials:

- 200 ml hydrogen peroxide.

- ¼ teaspoon sodium percarbonate (Vanish).

- 1 teaspoon glycerine.

- 2 teaspoons Xanthan Gum (available in health food shops).

- Hot water.

Mixing process

Before we start, we must remember that peroxide can generate some violent reaction, that is why we are going to mix it in two separate parts.

Mix the percarbonate with a tablespoon of hot water (hot, but not boiling) and stir until the sodium percarbonate powder is dissolved.

In addition, we mix the hydrogen peroxide with the Xanthan gum in a process of about 5 seconds, until they are well blended. Once this is done, we proceed to add the glycerine, mix for another 5 seconds and leave to stand for a few minutes.

When we start the whitening process, we combine the two mixtures we have prepared to form a kind of gel.

Gel-bleached ABS part

How to use it

Before smearing the gel, the piece of ABS plastic must be completely clean, to prevent any impurities from impeding bleaching.

After smearing the gel on the piece, we leave it in the sun for a couple of days, or we can place it for a few hours under an ultra violet lamp. You will see how the plastic piece will whiten little by little, this is due to a reaction between the gel, the UV radiation and the organic compounds of the polymer (plastic).

2 thoughts on “Cómo hacer un gel blanqueador para plástico ABS”

  1. mario garcia

    I read that xanthan gum is a thickener and I can substitute it with corn starch (maizena here where I live it is called cornstarch) or maybe wheat flour or maybe with hair gel or liquid soap. I tried it with liquid soap and it worked well.

  2. I have a question. And how do you remove the gel after 24 hours, using lukewarm water?

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