How to make a glass bottle cutter

Many times, we need to make cuts to glass bottles, to carry out projects or experiments using modified glass bottles, being extremely useful to have a device that helps us to perform this task in a short time and in a safe way. Today, we will see how to make a glass bottle cutter quickly and easily.

glass bottle cutter


- A piece of wood with the following dimensions 20x12x1.3 cm

- Two pieces of wood of dimensions 15×3.5×1.7 cm

- Nichrome wire

- Twin cable approx. 1 m

- Two screws

- 220 V-12 V 3 amp transformer

- A plug

- Nuts and bolts

Creating our glass bottle cutter

First, we take the large piece of wood to use as a base. On this base, we will place the small pieces of wood at a distance of 14 cm from each other.

We fix these pieces of wood with the help of a drill and some screws, we must verify that these pieces are well fixed to the base as they will be the main body of our glass bottle cutter.

glass bottle cutter

Once the small pieces of wood are fixed to the base we put two screws, one on each inner edge of the small pieces of wood about 2 cm away from the top edge. After the screws are in place, we connect the Nichrome wire between the two pieces of wood and fix them with nuts and sockets.

We fix the transformer to the wooden base with the help of screws. Next, we connect the transformer outputs to the loose ends of the Nichrome wire, securing them with some holes to prevent them from being exposed and breaking.

Finally, we connect the input to the transformer with twin cable. The free end of the cable is connected to a socket and the connections are sealed with electrical tape.


How to use our bottle cutter

We make the mark with a pencil or a blade where we want to cut the bottle, we turn on the bottle cutter and wait until the wire has an incandescent colour. Once this has happened, we pass the bottle with its mark over the wire until we hear a click, then we rotate the bottle until we reach the starting point, always in contact with the wire. When we have finished, we remove the bottle and with a little pressure we can easily separate the piece we cut.

How it works

The amount of heat given off by the Nichrome wire causes the sides of the notches in the bottle to expand, so that the glass literally breaks under the action of the heat generated by the electric current, making it very easy to separate the broken sides as the breakage will be orderly and in a straight line.

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  1. that's what happened to me with a table to cut unicel! a long time ago you could only find a simple and tiny object that used a battery, (simple jobs) it took me a long time to make that table, precisely because I needed to cut super big letters or the outline of a figure and with many curves! i had to be experimenting until i made it!!! and when i realized it, they were already selling it in naviempaques! yes, very expensive! but my cutting table helped me economically for a long time until i had to sell it! so i recommend you to stick to what you have in mind or if you find something that interests you, ...then improve it, don't believe it!
    I am an industrial designer!

  2. it is obvious that they will never tell us 100% how they did it!!! they are just creative ideas, and what follows....pues we will have to investigate, remember everything is trial and error!

  3. In the photo you can't see the invention at any part, I have the impression that you took the wrong photo because you can see a metal base and not a wooden base +++ Also the connections and where the bottle is placed are not clear +++

  4. mardok vallejo

    Only one small detail is missing, in the nicromium or nicromel wire, what gauge should it be for it to withstand the voltage ? ..... if not I should buy several until I know the gauge ?

  5. i find it interesting good practice i am a facilitator of creative arts and applied sciences to art or relating art and science

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