How to make an SSD hard disk.

A few days ago it crossed my mind to change my external hard drive (the one I use to safeguard my important data), for a much faster and more secure SSD. Unconscious of me, I didn't know that these hard disks are still very new and apart from being tremendously expensive (compared to a hard disk, of course), they come with very reduced capacities. Of course I dismissed the idea at once, but I did some research on the subject and to my surprise, I discovered that in a post on Neoteo they had posted a mini tutorial for making SSD hard disks from Compactflash cards:


- Two CompactFlash 3.0 cards (They must be exactly the same).

- CF-IDE Adapter.

The way to get both is relatively easy, in any online gadget shop you can get them easily and for a ridiculously low price. The only downside of this minihack is that the speeds are not comparable to those of an original SSD, but hey, for a repair or to tinker for a while, it's great.

Reading through the comments of the same post, I found another adapter, but this time for SD cards, here you can see a picture of the invention, if you are interested in buying one, go here.

2 thoughts on “Cómo hacer un disco duro SSD.”

  1. About 2 years ago I was thinking about this and I didn't like the tip you suggested, the adapter was really cheap but the memories were not so cheap, I clarify that there were 2 types: normal ones and other ultra-fast ones that were exaggeratedly expensive and if we think that the life time is not very long then we would have a problem to be reading and writing all the time.

    I opted for a 64gb kingston ssd (I don't even use 20) for my netbook, I use it daily and even almost stopped using the desktop and so far it works as usual.

    I feel that your option would be good for non-basic computers where speed is not needed or used too much.

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