How to make a homemade airbrush

Painting with airbrush is fun and very efficient, as creations can be made more quickly with this device than with brushes or other techniques. It is also extremely precise and allows even high quality portraits to be made. Next, we will look at a technique for making a homemade airbrushusing simple materials and the basic principles of air pressure.

traditional airbrush


- A used pen or pencil.

- A rubber hose.

- An empty (plastic) ink bottle with lid.

- Silicone.

- Insulating tape.

- Ink.

- Water.

Creating our homemade airbrush

To start creating our homemade airbrushFirst remove the ink tube from the pen or pencil, taking care not to break it.

Once the ink tube has been removed, we join the open mouth of the pen tube with a small piece of rubber hose, which we will fix with insulating tape, taking care that there are no air leaks between the tube and the hose.

commercial airbrush

Now, we make a bend in the pen tube. Being very careful not to break it, we place it at a 90-degree angle, so that it forms a kind of letter L and is very firm.

Then, using a drill or a punch, we make a hole in the lid of the ink bottle, with a diameter such that the pen tube can pass through this hole without any inconvenience.

Next, we insert the tube through the hole in the lid and place the angle on the surface of the lid, so that it looks like the tip of a commercial airbrush. With the silicone, we seal any possible air leaks at the top and bottom of the lid and fix the pen tube to the lid.

homemade airbrush

Now, just dilute a little ink with water inside the ink bottle and cover the bottle with our airbrush, we make a slight pressure on the bottle and we will see how the ink spreads on the sheet as a airbrush commercial.

How it works

The pressure exerted on the bottle pushes the ink through the hose and then through the pen tube. The ink reaches the tip of the pen and is diffused, as in a commercial ink gun. This is how our homemade airbrush.

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  1. good afternoon, my friend that explanation has to be deciphered by an expert in Egyptian geroglyphs.

  2. I really follow your tutorials but I didn't understand this one, I got stuck on the first part of the process, if you can send me another tutorial that is clearer, because I would like to make the airbrush.

  3. It is not understood almost, at least they can put image of the process or a video of how it is, another thing that is missing to say is that for its use an air compressor is needed. I remember that these are only constructive criticisms.

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