How to make a homemade hovercraft

The celebrities hovercraft or Hovercraft, as they are also known, are vehicles that use powerful air generators to create a kind of film or cushion of air, which allows them to move very easily, even on water. In this article, we will look at how to make a homemade hovercraft with few materials and in very few steps.

Commercial hovercraftMaterials

- A balloon.

- An old CD or DVD.

- A cork.

- Glue.

- A plastic bag.

How to assemble our homemade hovercraft

To build our homemade hovercraftIf you are looking for a cork that can be inserted into the opening of the disc (CD or DVD), we must find a cork that can be inserted into the opening of the disc (CD or DVD). With the help of a drill, we make a hole from one end of the cork to the other end, through the entire length of the cork, it should be like a kind of tunnel through the cork through which the air will flow.

Now, we fix the cork in the opening of the CD, making sure that the cork does not go through the other side of the CD. The idea is to fix it in place without lifting the disc from the surface, using glue and tape.

Assembly of our homemade hovercraft

We then place the disc on a smooth surface (such as a table, for example), inflate the balloon (our air source) and hold the nozzle with our fingers to prevent the air from escaping.

Then, we place the balloon nozzle on the free end of the cork and release the air flow. We can observe how the disc levitates on the surface and with the help of our hand it can slide easily over the smooth surface.

Complete homemade hovercraft

If we want to enhance the air cushion, we can create a kind of ring with a plastic bag and glue it to the disc, creating a kind of sleeve that keeps the air cushion concentrated under the disc.

How the hovercraft works

When we create an airflow powerful enough to lift a surface or object, we are creating an air cushion. This air cushion eliminates virtually all resistance to movement from the environment, so that with a small impulse the object can even glide over water or any other surface.

With a little imagination, we can create a hovercraft more elaborate and powerful, even using an electric blower and a larger stand or surface, it all depends on the type of hovercraft you want.

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