How to make a homemade parasol

Little by little the heat is approaching and many people take advantage of the first sunny days to go to the beach to go for a swim. One of the most important utensils when we go to the beach is the umbrella that allows us to protect ourselves from the sun and not get sunburnt. Today we will explain how to make your own homemade parasol using everyday materials.

How to make a homemade parasol

The materials we will use are as follows:

- A long bamboo cane for the mast.

- Wooden rods for the sunshade spokes and their fastenings.

- Hollow plastic cylinder to support the fasteners.

- Round Arcayatas.

- Nuts and bolts.

- Circular piece of fabric that will form the top of the parasol.

That said, we can start building our umbrella. The first thing to do is attaching the canvas to the mast. To do this, first of all we must introduce 6 wooden sticks into the fabric. the way to introduce them is as follows:

Attaching the canvas to the mast

As you can see, we must sew the hole in the hole where the rod will go in order to prevent it from coming loose.

Once this is done, we attach the mast to the canvas by making a hole in the middle of it and inserting a thick screw that will be screwed to the top of the mast.

Screw for attaching the canvas to the mast

The following will be positioning the spoke fixings. All of them will be attached on one side to the middle of the radius itself and on the other side to a cylindrical and hollow piece that will be used to open and close the sunshade.

Spoke fastenings

The union of the fasteners and the cylindrical piece will be made in the way you can see in the image. In addition, a screw can be used as a stop to hold the parasol still in the desired position.

Screw as stop

Once this is done, our parasol is finished. If you have any questions you can consult our forum.

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  1. Good afternoon... I have a question about how to connect the small wooden rods with the rods that are inserted into the parasol fabric. Thank you in advance for your help.

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