How to make a homemade bell.

Sometimes we need a doorbell urgently and in specialised shops they sell them as if they were luxury items, sometimes we just have a very high creative spirit and nothing better to do, if something like that has happened to you in this article we will see how to make a bell in an easy, quick and simple way, without so many complications.

How to make a homemade bell. 1

First I leave you the list of materials and then we will see the video of the procedure. We will need:

- Screwdrivers (flat and cross screwdrivers).
- A hammer.
- Needle-nose pliers.
- Masking tape.
- A pair of batteries.
- Varnished copper wire.
- A piece of wood.
- One can.
- Nuts and bolts.
- A cutter or small knife.
- Metal paper clips or paperclips.
- A piece of foil.

Here is the procedure.

I hope they make a lot of noise with their NEW BELLRemember that you can use more elegant materials and give it the presentation that you like so that it is not only outrageous but also beautiful.

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